The Best Websites for T-Shirt Design

Are you planning a big night out, and looking for T-Shirts to commemorate the occasion? Do you want to print t-shirts for an event, or for your sports team? Do you just want to show off your creativity and try to make some money online? Don’t look at the websites like – for book illustrations or, say, Architectural Illustrations. There are a huge number of different companies out there offering t-shirt printing services these days. Here’s a look at a few of the best services:

1. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is an international printing company that has branches in the UK, USA, Canada and several countries in mainland Europe. They allow you to upload your own images or design prints from a range of pre-set images. You can have your designs printed onto t-shirts, aprons, mugs and messenger bags.

2. Threadless

Threadless is a community-focused design site with a difference. The site implores you to “Start With an Idea”. You can upload any design you like (within reason) and if your design is popular with community members it will be added to the marketplace and you will be paid commission for your work via checks or PayPal.

3. Visaprint

Vistaprint is one of the oldest and most well-known printing sites still in operation today. Most people think of Vistaprint as a place to get business cards and calendars, but the site also prints photo books, mugs and t-shirts as well.
One of the biggest problems with ordering t-shirts online is the length of time that you have to wait for delivery, along with the rather variable quality of the t-shirts that they offer. If quality is essential, then consider investing in a home printing kit and printing your own designs on 100% cotton t-shirts from quality manufacturers such as Fruit of the Loom. You will have more control over your designs and if you treat them well then even home-printed t-shirts can last many years.