Top Tips for T-Shirt Design

If you like to be the person who is always wearing something new and unique, then printing your own T-Shirts is a great way to make a fashion statement. You can print anything you want on a T-Shirt, from your own artwork to clever quotes, funny jokes, your company logo or your favorite travel pictures.
Some people use printed T-Shirts to commemorate special events such as stag and hen nights, sporting events, or convention trips. These T-Shirt designs are cute, funny and sometimes cheesy, but they serve their purpose – to give people something to remember a great night by.
T-Shirts as a Fashion Statement
If you want your T-Shirt to be something that you will remember for many years, then you’ll need to plan the design carefully, and treat your shirt like a work of art. Printing a T-Shirt is not like designing a desktop background or a signature file for your favorite forum. You are printing on fabric, and the colors won’t always come out the way you expect them to. In addition, you are printing on a garment that is going to be worn, and will conform to the human body. This means that you don’t have much space to work with.
When you’re coming up with your design, make sure that it will fit easily on the front of your t-shirt:
T-Sirt Printable Area
Also, choose colors that are bold and simple, so that they’ll stand out well. People will be reading your T-Shirt from several paces away, so the more “pop” the colors have, the better:
T-Shirts Colors
It is not a good idea to use complicated or detailed designs on a T-Shirt. Bold, simple prints work best. There are some exceptions, but it’s best to test the quality of a T-Shirt printing company with a simple design before you start uploading your best pieces of detailed fantasy art. Treat your T-Shirt design experiments as a chance to explore your skills at creating minimalist art and playing with negative space.