How to Get a Job in Graphic Design

The graphic design industry is a highly competitive one, and getting your first job in the industry can be difficult. To have a chance of getting a good job you as an every illustrator will need to put together a good portfolio. Here are some tips to help you impress recruiters and get your first foot in the door.

Work on Designs in Your Free Time

One mistake that many young illustrators and graphic designers make is to assume that the work they do on their college or university course will be enough to land them a job. This is not the case. While coursework pieces are a good start, recruiters will want to see a wide variety of work. Experiment with different styles in your spare time and put together a detailed portfolio.

Explain Your Portfolio Work

Recruiters want to know that you can work to spec, and that you can work quickly (and possibly as part of a team). Choose your best pieces to include in your portfolio, and display reference sketches and pictures of the piece while it was a “Work in Progress” so that people can see how you work. Also, give an indication of how long it took you to make each piece.

Show Some Realistic, and Some Abstract Work

Unless you are trying to specialize in a specific niche such as fantasy art or pixel art, it’s a good idea to include a wide range of styles in your portfolio. If you only show abstract art, the recruiter may assume that you don’t know how to do anything else. Showing a few realistic designs will prove that you can work from a spec or someone else’s directions.

Write a Good Resume

While senior creative people can let their resume’s speak for themselves, as a beginner you don’t have that luxury. Write a detailed resume that lists all of your achievements and experience. Spell-check it and proofread it to make sure that it is well-written and concise.